Is live in home-care, the answer?

Everybody in the UK is aware of the current critical problems facing people needing home care, funding is being cut and care staff shortages are a huge problem. With the vulnerable population expecting to double by 2050, the NHS is currently reporting a huge struggle with people not being able to be discharged from hospital as they do not have care or support in place to go home. Reports also indicate that carers visiting for fifteen minutes throughout the day is not providing some people with adequate care and companionship.

What is Live-in Care and can it help me? Live- in home care, means a carer lives with you or your loved one in your own home. This type of care and support service is growing at rapid speed across the UK as seen as a great alternative to a residential home. Surveys show that 97% of people asked said they would prefer to stay in their own home. The cost is similar to that of a residential home but offers far more such as, one to one care and support, medication administration and continuity of carer. Carer’s are also able to undertake most house hold tasks such as preparing fresh healthy meals, cleaning and laundry as well as escorting clients to appointments or activities if required.

Funding: Many people do not understand their options, 41% of people needing care or support are self -funders meaning they receive no government funding. The remainder receive funding for their care but may not be happy with the service they receive, often not realising they can choose their own care provider using the direct payment scheme from the local council.

We can help:

“Mary lived at home and suffers from dementia, remaining quite independent until her husband passed away meaning she could no longer manager with the day to day tasks, the strain was making her unwell and confused. Mary’s daughter called us, we had a long chat, going through all options, we then met and discussed in detail her needs and more importantly how she wanted things done. We matched Mary with a fully qualified and vetted carer” – Mary now finds day to day life so much easier.

Staying at home with a live-in carer promotes wellbeing and social interaction with friends and family.