Dementia is becoming more recognised than it was a just a couple of years ago mainly thanks to all the great work carried out by charities such as The Alzheimer’s society and Dementia Friends.

And with over 30 million people living with Dementia worldwide it is a huge and important subject.

When either yourself or a loved one is diagnosed with Dementia, life changes and sometimes rapidly and quite dramatically. Often people who are very busy with their own lives and families become pulled into the whirlwind and the scary reality of Dementia and its effects. More and more people feel stressed and alone and often feel they have nowhere to turn.

The number of people living with Dementia is set to triple by 2050 which is a terrifying reality.

Carers on Demand are here to reassure people that there is a way forward and believe that with the with the correct carers and planning Dementia Care can be manageable at home.

Reports show that staying at home and being cared in your own home is the often the best option for people living with Dementia as the familiar and comforting surroundings of home do help when the world is a scary and confusing place. People often wrongly assume that if someone is diagnosed with Dementia they must be relocated to a Dementia care unit. This is certainly not the case!

Staying at home when living with Dementia provides the security and stability of staying at home, and also means loved ones do not have to be around other people who could be confused and agitated which can cause upset and worry all round. Having numerous and infrequent carers coming and going is also unsettling, confusing and uncomfortable.

Live- in homecare ensures people can continue to stay at home with their familiar routines, this includes having preferred choice of foods and eating meals when you want to and to be involved in the cooking if that is something you enjoy. It also means the live- in carer offers one to one attention and focus and can assist with toileting if and whenever required.

Carers on Demand are able to offer and promote continuity of carer this is especially important for people living with Dementia.

No matter how challenging Dementia care can become we still believe 99% of the time the person can stay in their own home and be cared for, this may mean having two carers that work in turn to ensure they are rested and energised. It could be that one carer work during the day and one during the night as many people lose their awareness of time and sleep patterns can be affected.

Carers on Demand only work with specialised, trained and experienced dementia carers that are passionate, motivated and show a genuine interested in providing care and support of the highest quality to people living with Dementia.