Live in care services delivered by a caring, professional client focused team.

Carers on Demand was founded by Emma Milton.

Emma has always been passionate about the care and support of elderly and vulnerable people and has spent the past 13 years working within the care sector.

Ten years ago, Emma co- founded a bespoke, independent domically care company. During this time Emma developed a firm understanding of the value of live-in care for clients and began to advocate the benefits of this method of care to both her clients and the wider care community.
Recognising the lack of awareness around live-in care as a solution along with an increasing client need, in 2016 Carers on Demand was formed.

The vision of Carers on Demand is to offer bespoke live-in care solutions which support elderly or disabled adults in need of care to receive the support they need, from the comfort of their home. All of our client relationships are based on kindness, trust and respect.

Carers on Demand has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. We are very proud of our growing reputation as the experts in our field, with the majority of our client referrals stemming from recommendations from our existing client base.

Carers on Demand is not and will never become a huge corporate entity. Our vision and values are at the core of our business, meaning our team are at the heart of all decisions. The personalised and bespoke nature of our services will never be compromised.

We invest heavily on resources that allow us to source only the very best Live-in carers available in the UK. Carers enjoy their engagements through Carers on Demand and we treat each carer with the same degree of kindness, trust and respect that we deliver to all clients.

The concept of being forced to place a loved one into a grey and uninspiring care home when they need support is simply outdated. Live-in care is a fantastic solution for many clients. Our team are true experts in this field and we are extremely proud of the part that we play in making a difference to the lives of our clients and their families.

Emma Milton is qualified in EDI Level 5 (Leadership and Management for Health and Social Care Services) and is a qualified Risk Assessor.

Staying at home with a live-in carer promotes wellbeing and social interaction with friends and family.